I am the Co-founder and Product Lead at Shukran, with a background in Computer Science from Strathmore University. I am on a mission to learn all I can so I can change the world. My expertise are in software development, product development and startup-building.


  • I am currently the Product Lead and Co-founder of Shukran, a digital tipping platform that ensures the most deserving service workers are rewarded and increase the tipping culture. We are based in Nairobi and we offer a platform that allows tippers to appreciate great service at restaurants, salons and any other service workers they choose.

  • Shukran is under Impact Africa Network, which is a startup studio based in Nairobi that ensures that young talented Africans can participate in the digital transformation of Africa as creators and owners. I joined as an innovation fellow in early 2021 and I haven’t looked back.


  • Shukran: This is the first product that I have taken to market and gotten real users for. I was involved in market research, design, development, talking to users and now running the operations. It has scratched an itch for innovation and building startups. For information on our website

  • Agrarian: An agritech IoT solution for farmers to collect and analyse farm conditions and make data-driven farming decisions. Worked as the Project Manager and President of Enactus Strathmore. Find more information about Agrarian here

  • Blockchain voting system: We wanted to replace the manual voting system at Strathmore University with a digital, censorship-resistant system. It was quite buggy but we pitched it to the Student Council. You can find the repo here

  • Crowdsourcing identification of fake news on Twitter: Fake news and misinformation cannot be solved by AI because misinformation is inherently an experiential and subjective thing. The idea was to use the Wisdom of the Crowds to decide what is true and what is false. You can find the repo here


  • Journalling: I have been doing it chronically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Now I cannot stop and it has led to this blog.

  • Hiking: Nothing beats a good mountain-climb and the euphoria of standing at the top to marvel at your accomplishment.

  • Digital gardening: Note-taking is great but it is useless if you don’t reference them to take action. With digital gardening on Obsidian, I have created notes that I reference from time to time to ground me on my mission and purpose. It has become a great idea factory where most of my blogs will come from. I have also shared some notes at the Mathnuscripts. It contains draft essays that will eventually come here.


For I do, so I must write. For I write, so I must do.

May this blog help you as much as it helps me.

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